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Company Headline


Improvements. Restoration. 

Company Intro


Welcome to Urban Pro Toronto. 

We are a team of experienced tradesmen with a passion for renovations. Our story began in 2015 with a goal to deliver seamless and aesthetic renovation experiences across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  Since then, we have delivered a carefully crafted experience that leaves our customers at ease throughout the process and pleased with the final result. 

Mission Statement


Our number one priority is to deliver quality workmanship. Yet, any renovation is a process that requires many steps before the final product is unveiled. 


It is for this reason that we have chosen to adopt three principles that inform the way our renovation experience is managed from day one until completion. They include: Cleanliness, Organization and Clear Communication.  


We believe that these principles are essential in delivering a seamless and aesthetic renovation experience to our customers. In adopting these principles, we are able to ensure that our customers are satisfied not only with the finished product but also the entire experience of scheduling and working with our team. 

Company Policies 


In addition to the goals and principles that we have set out for ourselves in how we deliver the renovation experience, we have also established professional and service standards. 

Professional Standards

Liability Insurance (protects our customers)
WSIB Worker Insurance (protects us)
Trade certification for all skilled trades

Service Standards 

Service all of GTA (Including all of Halton, Peel, Toronto, York, Durham)
Free, Professional and Detailed Quotes     (Emailed within 48 hours of in-person visit)
Service Specific Guarantees (depending on the type of work done and materials used) 

Thank You


Thank you for taking the time to get to know our business a little more and we are looking forward to working with you!

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